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Imagine yourself relying solely on the train or the buses in Kettering's bus network to get around the town. While they may be more budget-friendly than most of the other transport modes, to many, using them as your modes of transport would defeat your purpose of going to Kettering in the first place, which is to explore the town and have a relaxing time while doing so. Trying to keep up with train and bus schedules and constantly having to spend a lot of your travel time with a crowd of strangers are hardly conducive to a relaxing trip. Worse, if you are exploring town with a group of friends or with family, you wouldn't be able to spend quality time to bond with them, what with having to share the space with other strangers.

That is why Minibus Hire Kettering got into the business of providing a service that offers a Kettering minibus for hire. Basically, travellers – especially those in large groups – would be provided with a fully functional and reliable minibus that they can use in getting around town. In that way, they will be able to enjoy their trip more because they wouldn't have to adhere to any train or bus timetable; their time is their own. They can move at their own pace throughout their trip, and be flexible with their itinerary. This service can also be classified among the cheap minibus hire services since they are given at the most affordable rates in the whole of Kettering.

But those are not the only advantages that they would be able to get from hiring a Kettering minibus from our firm. Rest assured that you would never encounter mechanical breakdowns or engine problems whenever you are riding in any of Minibus Hire Kettering's minibuses. Not only are they manufactured by the best minibus and car makers in the industry, they are also subjected to the high quality of care and maintenance that Minibus Hire Kettering is known for.

To start with, we have our own workshop where all our minibuses must pass through before and after they are released for hire to our customers. In the workshop, the minibuses are cleaned from top to bottom, from inside out. That is because we know hygiene and cleanliness are also important for our customers. Aside from that, we have a team of highly skilled engineers and mechanics who will see to it that every Kettering minibus in our fleet is kept in top running or operating condition. Problems are nipped in the bud so they wouldn't cause any inconvenience when they hit the road. Therefore, irrespective of whether you choose minibus hire with a driver or the self drive minibus option, you will get the best from Minibus Hire Kettering.

Our fully air-conditioned minibuses also come with very comfortable seats that can be reclined easily when you feel like stretching out inside the minibus. When you are feeling thirsty or warm, you can instantly become refreshed, thanks to the drinks coolers we have installed in each of our minibuses. They are also installed with modern entertainment systems so you will never get bored during the trip. Even the roofs have been tweaked with a sliding-door feature should you want to do some sightseeing from the roof of the minibus.

Reliability also comes in the form of our actual delivery of our cheap minibus hire service, and that pertains to our drivers. We are known for our minibus with driver service in large part due to the high level of skills and competence of the person we assign behind the wheel. We have the best drivers in town and we are proud to say that it is because of the high standards we set when it comes to hiring them. Not only do we look at their technical qualifications, we also see to it that they can readily interact with our customers since, more often than not, they will be taking on the role of a tour guide as they drive around town.

Cost is always a concern when one is travelling, and Minibus Hire Kettering is cognizant of how travellers are always on the lookout for bargains or deals. Well, if you are looking for any cheap minibus hire company in Kettering, you don't have to look very far, because our firm, by far, offers the lowest hire rates in the area. The low rates, coupled with the quality of our minibuses and the impeccable manner of the delivery of our services, no doubt make us the best deal in town.

Minibus Hire Kettering has a team of friendly and very approachable personnel who are dedicated to seeing to your every need, even if they are not transport-related. If ever you are in any doubts as to what our firm could do for you during your trip, you are welcome to give us a call and make your inquiries. We would be more than happy to answer whatever questions you may have.

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