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Self Drive Minibus Hire

There is no denying the fact that hiring a minibus with a driver solves a lot of problems, especially for travellers who are going to one place for the first time and do not know their way around the place. Or, even if they are not strangers to the town, if they prefer not to do any of the driving and just let someone else do it, they could also opt for this service. Most of the airport minibus hire services come with drivers that are assigned by the company itself. However, there are instances when customers prefer that they choose their own driver among themselves. All they would require from the service provider is a fully functional and smoothly operating minibus.

Minibus Hire Kettering calls this the self drive minibus hire service. As the name implies, the customers will drive themselves using a Kettering minibus provided by the company. There are several reasons we could cite as to why this service is preferred by many customers. One would be the need for privacy and confidentiality. Businessmen who are travelling to Kettering either for business or for pleasure would no doubt not appreciate the idea that someone else would be listening to their conversations, particularly if sensitive matters are involved. Families also often relish the idea of spending some alone time together, and having a stranger drive them around town is not really something that would help their cause.

There is also the customers' need for control. Perhaps they do not feel at ease with the idea of leaving their safety and the fate of their entire trip in the hands of someone they don't know. That is why they prefer to choose their own driver. Those are only a few of the many possible reasons why the self drive minibus hire would be chosen by customers.

In any case, you could still rely on Minibus Hire Kettering to give you the best service in town at the best and most competitive price, even if we are not going to provide you with the driver. The minibus we will provide will still be of top-notch quality, as is expected of Minibus Hire Kettering. Before releasing and entrusting our minibuses to you, we see to it that they have passed through the stringent inspection and maintenance checks in our in-house workshop, conducted by our team of professional mechanics and engineers. We will never turn over unhygienic and dirty minibuses to you. Since we also know that our customers deserve to drive in style, we keep our minibuses in great shape, making sure they look better than they did when they were first purchased.

Our customers always get the chance to enjoy features that anyone who chooses Minibus Hire Kettering desires to have. Onboard entertainment is provided for through our minibuses' high-end entertainment systems and the ultra-comfortable seats. The drink coolers make sure that you are refreshed throughout the period that you will be travelling. Sightseeing becomes even more exciting when you slide open the roof and pop your head out to watch Kettering from the roof of the minibus.

Our self drive minibus hire customers can still count on our company's assistance on other matters affecting their trip like assistance regarding accommodations, bookings and other matters that are unrelated to transport. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to any member of our staff and we will do our best to be of as much assistance as we can.

For all your transport needs and concerns, just give Minibus Hire Kettering a call. Tell us what you need, and if you have other concerns regarding our self drive minibus hire service, just let us know and we will do our best to address all of them.

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